The Jatropha Plant – a Potential for Production and use of Biofuel

This project “Développement de référentiels techniques et économiques pourles filières d’accès à l’énergie àpartir de Jatropha en Afrique de l’Ouest’’ aims to ensure the socio-economic environmental and financial sustainability of Jatropha biofuel production chains in rural areas in Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali and Senegal. With support from funds, two pilot projects seek to improve the production of renewable energy, and access to productive and domestic energy in rural areas in the biofuel sector, based on Jatropha.

The objective is to confirm whether the use of Jatropha plants for biofuel is a good solution or not. Another purpose is to consolidate the technical, socioeconomic and methodological frameworks across these countries through the construction of a network. Here, family farmers in the agro fuel sector can exchange experiences and capitalize on them. The last objective is to improve the regulatory framework for access to energy policies in favour of biofuel chains, and the development of rural districts in West Africa.

After three years of data collection, data analysis, and the establishment of standards, the Jatropha Network produced a film to present two Jatropha production initiatives in Mali. It shows the main achievements of these sectors and the challenges they face. Watch it here.

A final workshop, to exchange experiences between participants, was held in Bamako on June 23 and 24, 2015. The workshop was organised in collaboration with ADECIA.

For two more films click here and here.

For more information on the project, please visit the ACP-EU Energy Facility Database.

262-519 Meunier utilisant une machine fonctionnant lhuile de Jatropha en substitution au gasoil
A miller using a machine operating on Jatropha oil as a substitute for diesel.

262-519 Meuniers utilisant une machine fonctionnant lhuile de Jatropha pour moudre du karit Nampena Mali
Millers using a machine powered by Jatropha oil for grinding shea in Nampena Mali.

262-519 La dlgation saluant le corps constitu notables de la commune de Yorosso
The Delegation is saying hello to the row of highly recognised people from the municipality of Yorosso.