Project Templates and guidance

Phase-Out Strategy guide and template

The Phase-Out Strategy guide and template is a practical tool for projects to use when they are planning the withdrawal and finalization of implementation. It provides information on how a project can be finalized while ensuring its sustainability.

Reporting Guide

The reporting guide explains the requirements of the various sections of the EU reporting template, as well as provides tips on how to provide quality information succinctly, reducing the time taken out of your busy schedule.

  • English pdf-guide with Annex 1 and 2
  • French pdf-guide with Annex 1 and 2

Final Report Templates

The final report templates must be used for conformity purposes:

Annex 1: Monitoring Plan Template

Each project that is financed under the 2nd Energy Facility, 10th EDF, will be asked to define a monitoring plan based on the indicators defined in the project logframe. The primary aim of this is to have a clear overview of data collection requirements, resources and responsibilities. Annex 1 contains a template for the Monitoring Plan

Annex 3: Key Impact Indicators Sheet

For all projects under the Energy Facility a common set of key impact indicators is developed, allowing to evaluate the global results of the Energy Facility. An xls-sheet has been developed with Indicators regarding impact on livelihood and impact on energy infrastructure and access to energy services. The Component 2 projects on governance are furthermore requested to report on 3 Key Indicators on governance and management in the energy sector.

The indicators have been carefully selected, respecting the specific and global objectives of both the Energy Facility and the projects, as well as taking into account the already existing Objectively Verifiable Indicators used in the project LogFrames.

The Key Impact Indicators Sheet, which is Annex 3 to the above Reporting Guide, can be downloaded here: