6th Regional Seminar in Kigali, Rwanda

The Energy Facility and Sustainable Energy for All – The 2012 Call for Proposals

KIGALI 21th -22nd NOVEMBER 2012

Programme and Presentations


Welcome address:

H.E. Michel Arrion, Head of the EU Delegation to Rwanda
H.E. Emma Francoise Isumbingabo, Minister of State in charge of Energy and Water, Rwanda
Presentation of the participants

The Energy Facility I and II – progress and results to date

The 2012 Call for Proposals of the second Energy Facility (Alessandro Bianciardi, DG Development Cooperation, Energy Unit)

Monitoring of the ACP-EU Energy Facility (Annegrete Lausten, Danish Energy Management, TA for the monitoring of the 9th EDF Energy Facility, Team Leader and Mercedes Marín, Danish Energy Management, TA for the monitoring of the 10th EDF Energy Facility, Team Leader)

Technical seminar: Promotion of good practices in project implementation


Lessons learnt from EFI and EFII – Some successes and problems encountered during implementation of projects

Results of the assessment of impacts of EU funded biofuels projects (Alessandro Bianciardi, DEVCO, Energy Unit)
Introduction by panel: The main successes and challenges in the Energy Facility. The different phases: Conceptual Design – Feasibility; Planning – Delays; Procurement; Implementation. (Alessandro Bianciardi, DG Development Cooperation, Energy Unit; Olivier Machiels, EU Delegation to Rwanda; Annegrete Lausten, Mercedes Marín, Danish Energy Management)

Presentations by projects

Feasibility Studies:Mario Batsana, FUNAE, “Electrificaçao da Comunidade de Majaua”, Mozambique
Procurement: Kouakou Anini N’Guetta, CIE “Renforcement et extension du réseau électrique de distribution dans 107 localités en milieu rural en Côte d’Ivoire”
Dissemination: Paul Orikushab, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), “Increase access to efficient stoves among rural households in Northern Uganda”
Biogas, biofuels, and biomass: Mesfin Kinfu Teferi, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network – Addis Ababa University, “Integrated Approach to Meet Rural Household Energy Needs of Ethiopia”
Solar PV: Naceur Hammani, EWSA, “Increase Rural Energy Access in Rwanda through Public Private Partnership (IREA RPPP)”

Break-out in 4 Working Groups on: Procurement; Dissemination; Solar PV; and Biofuel, Biomass and Biogas


Presentation in plenary of conclusions from each working group from Day1

Procurement: Tommy Garnett, Environmental Foundation for Africa
Dissemination: Luc Severi, Merlin – Medical Emergency Relief
Solar PV: Oscar Sindayigaya, ENESCO/ILU-Burundi
Biofuel, Biomass, Biogas: Joylene T.M. Tawha, Practical Action Southern Africa

Sustainability and Replication beyond the end of the project

Gender and Community Involvement (Introduction by Mercedes Marín)
Presentation by an Energy Facility project: Agnes Kalekye Kithikii, “CAFOD Community Based Green Energy Project”, Kenya

Affordability/Willingness to pay for energy services (Introduction by Annegrete Lausten)
Presentation by an Energy Facility project: Xavier Vallve, TTA, “Servicio Energetico Sostenibile para poblaciones Rurales Aisladas mediante Micro-redes con energia renovables en la Isla de Santa Antao (Cabo Verde)”
Use of incentives to include energy as a promoter for local development (Introduction by Anise Sacranie)
Presentation by an Energy Facility project: Francisco Javier Jimenez, COOPI, “Support to Efficient Utilization of Alternative Energy Sources to Improve the Livelihood of Pastoral and Agro pastoral Communities in Southern Ethiopia”

Sustainable energy for all? – Future Funding for Rural Energy Projects

Sustainable Energy for All – SE4ALL, The process, funding etc. (Alessandro Bianciardi, DG DEVCO, Energy Unit)
Financing – Microcredits, Private sector, CDM, Gold Standard (Introduction by Annegrete Lausten, DEM)
Presentation by Energy Facility projects:
On the Gold Standard: Robin Todd, Concern Universal, “Msamala Sustainable Energy Project”
On CDM: Iyassu Gebrerufael, VITA, “Provision of efficient, affordable and sustainable energy for cooking and heat to rural households in Eritrea”
On Microcredits: Felix Julius, Triodos Facet/Integral Advisory “Expanding Sustainable Energy Markets through Microfinance -Energy Enterprise partnerships”, Kenya; Tanzania; Uganda

Wrap up

Alessandro Bianciardi, DG Development Cooperation, Energy Unit

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