Monitoring of the ACP-EU Energy Facility

The ACP-EU Energy Facility (EF) was established in 2005 to co-finance projects on increasing access to modern and sustainable energy services for the poor in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, especially in rural and peri-urban areas.  Following the successful implementation of the first EF, it was decided to create a second one. A total of Three Calls for Proposals have been made under the EF: one under the 9th EDF (EUR 196 million) and two under the 10th EDF (EUR 100 million + EUR 25 million top-up). A total of 140 projects were selected and successfully managed under the first two Calls for Proposals for a total  project budget of about EUR 600 million. Most projects of the first Call for Proposals have now ended or are about to be finalized. The projects from the second Call for Proposals are currently under implementation and a few of them have ended.  


Danish Energy Management has been granted the contract of providing technical assistance for the monitoring of the Energy Facility’s projects.


The purpose of the contract is as follows: 

  • To assist the European Commission (relevant Units and Delegations) and the ACP Secretariat in the monitoring of the Energy Facility projects financed under the 10th EDF, assuring the measurement and follow up on the performance of the projects and the achievements of the objectives of the Energy Facility.

The present website emphasises the dissemination of project results. It allows to:

  • Contribute to the quality in implementation through the dissemination of results, success stories and lessons learned from the Energy Facility projects;

  • Foster contacts and exchanges of experience between projects. 

For more information on the EF Projects please visit the ACP-EU EF Projects Database

For more general information on the programme please visit the EuropeAid website


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