Thematic Fiches

Danish Energy Management is developing a set of thematic fiches, which will be covering issues of interest to the implementers of the Energy Facility projects. The fiches are available in electronic format.

Thematic Fiche no. 1: Selected indicators for projects financed by the ACP-EU Energy Facility

Thematic Fiche no. 2: Modern Energy Access for Socio-Economic Development

Thematic Fiche no. 3: Microcredit - a tool to improve access to modern energy

Thematic Fiche no. 4:
Improved Stoves as a Means to Increase Efficient Use of Energy

Thematic Fiche no. 5:
Solar PV for Improving Rural Access to Electricity

Thematic Fiche no. 6: Experiences on Setting up Public Private Partnerships for Energy Services

Thematic Fiche no. 7:
Sustainability - Business Models for Rural Electrification

Thematic Fiche no. 8: Sustainability II: Ownership and Community Involvement

Thematic Fiche no. 9: ACP-EU Energy Facility Projects with CDM Potential

Thematic Fiche no. 10: Automatic Additionality for selected CDM projects (forthcoming)

Thematic Fiche no. 11: Gender Concerns in Projects Financed by the ACP-EU Energy Facility

Thematic Fiche no. 12: The Gold Standard micro scale

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