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The Energy Facility team is pleased to present an interactive map, which shows the geographical locations of the Energy Facility projects. When clicking on a specific location, you will find more detailed information about the project, such as project title, component and location. When clicking on the links, you will be further directed to the Energy Facility Project Database.


The importance of local community involvement

The objective of the newly finalized project FED/2011/231-578 ”Community Based Green Energy Project” was to increase access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services for 301,996 households through 88 institutions and 64 rural community based groups in rural and peri-urban areas in Kenya. It was anticipated that the installation of solar PV units and raising of awareness in energy system management and sustainable environmental protection would not only enhance income generation, education and health, but also improve access to services dependent on energy.

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Energy for Life and Development in Haiti

“ProgettoMondo Mlal : - Déployer de nouvelles opportunités de développement socio-économique par l'accès aux énergies durables dans le Plateau Central » takes place in the town of Hinche, in Haiti. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with more than 80 % of Haitians living in extreme poverty in rural areas. Haiti’s energy structure is problematic due to forest destruction and environmental degradation, limiting the population’s access to affordable modern energy sources.

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Solar power to the remote areas of Mauritania

The IPES RURAL project ended on 30th September 2015. Its main objective was to improve people’s access to energy in remote areas of Mauritania. The project has enabled access to electricity through power plants with power grids or stand alone solar home systems, where each house has its own small solar energy installation. The results are positive and 56.000 people now benefit from improved access to electricity via Solar PV. Most of these have gained access because their schools now have electricity for lighting or because their shops now have electricity for fridges etc. But there are also many direct beneficiaries, since 3.800 homes now have access to electricity, which is mainly used for lighting and for charging mobile phones and other small appliances.

Implementing body: ADER (Agence de Développement d’électrification Rurale) and IED - Innovation Energie Développement 

Donor: EU and the Government of Mauritania

For more information on the Energy Facility projects, please visit the ACP-EU Energy Facility Database.


The Jatropha Plant – a Potential for Production and use of Biofuel

This project “Développement de référentiels techniques et économiques pourles filières d'accès à l'énergie àpartir de Jatropha en Afrique de l'Ouest’’ aims to ensure the socio-economic environmental and financial sustainability of Jatropha biofuel production chains in rural areas in Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali and Senegal. With support from funds, two pilot projects seek to improve the production of renewable energy, and access to productive and domestic energy in rural areas in the biofuel sector, based on Jatropha.

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Eco Makala Allows for Reforestation in Congo

The project « Eco Makala: viabilisation durable de l’approvisionnement en bois-énergie des populations ruralesriveraines de la ville de Goma » took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The World Wide Fund for Nature carried out this project, which aimed at reducing the poverty and increasing the sustainable development of the North Kivu province in Congo. The "makala", charcoal and firewood, constitute 97% of energy consumption in the province of North Kivu, and are the main fuels of urban households.

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New Projects Contracted for Fragile States

A new call for proposal for fragile states, under the ACP-EU Energy Facility II, was launched at the beginning of 2014. The funding, with a budget of EUR 15 million, is dedicated to fragile states and will help beneficiary partner countries to tackle energy challenges. As a result, 9 new projects have been contracted. Some projects are already under implementation and others are about to be initiated. The projects aim to increase access to energy in rural and peri-urban areas in Mali, Somalia, Burundi and Liberia.

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